1. Selections and Estimate
The first step to new counter tops by World Stone is to estimate your square footage.  You can either fill out a World Stone Quote Form or call the location nearest to you to have a sales person help you.  You will need to select a granitemarble, or quartz color and get us a simple diagram of what your counter top layout will look like.  Since our process is 100% digital, if you can imagine it, we can draw and install it!  We will give you a written quote  based on your measurements.
Please note:  Any discrepancy between customer provided measurements and actual measurements taken by World Stone will be reconciled BEFORE fabrication.


2. Paper Work
In order for World Stone to come out to your house to measure, the following documents must be received: 

1.  A signed estimate.
2. A signed What to Expect Document.
3. A 75% deposit.

Once we receive the deposit and all signed paperwork, your sales representative or a project manager will work with you to set a day for us to come field measure your cabinets.


3. Field Template
A World Stone field tech will come to your house and digitally measure your cabinets with a laser and go over any special requirements that you have including overhangs and center lines.  It is not necessary to remove existing countertops but we do ask that you have you remove everything from your tops so that we may get accurate measurements.  In general the field tech will set up and measure the cabinets first, then speak with you about overhangs, and then finally answer any additional questions that you have.  The actual measuring process should only take 10-15 minutes including time to set up the laser. 


4. CAD Layout
From the measurements taken in the field, a CAD specialist in the shop will put together the final drawing of your kitchen including the placement of any seams. Please ask you sales representative for a detailed drawing and we will be happy to provide it to you.  Additionally the CAD specialist will lay your kitchen out on the digital representation of the slab showing grain direction and pattern matching at the seams.  Again this drawing is available on request.  After the drawing is finalized, it is turned into machine code and sent into fabrication.


5. Fabrication
Fabrication is done on one of our CNC machines, which allows us to ensure the radii of each corner are exactly the same and all sink cutouts are exactly to the manufacturer’s specification.  Also any special arcs or bumpouts are no problem and 100% accurate.  Finally the CNC process allows us to be confident that every job is fabricated correctly and true every time!


6. Installation
After we field measure and have all the required paperwork, your World Stone representative will call to schedule a day and time to come out to install your new counter tops.  This install date is generally 1-2 weeks after we field measure,  The installation process itself takes anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the complexity of the job.  If you have an under-mount sink, World Stone will secure the sink to the top.  However we will not hook up any plumbing.  Also most sinks will not come drains so you will be responsible for buying and installing those as well.  We recommend waiting 12 hours before hooking up the plumbing as to not shift the sink while the silicone adhesive sets up.